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How Phelan Energy Are Contributing To The Solar Energy Industry

Solar power has been in a constant state of innovation, with new advances in solar panel technology being announced incredibly frequently across the market. The industry is constantly expanding, taking the lead ahead of a surge of new alternative industries – such as wind and hydrogen systems. Over the recent decade, the interest in solar energy stocks has considerably increased from long-term investors – with the energy segment projecting to become the world’s largest source of energy by 2050.

The Phelan Energy Group is a world leader in the development of Solar PV solutions, powering a new generation of affordable solar electricity. Currently, the group have over €3 billion of solar Power Sales Agreements with major government-owned power utilities – actively developing solar projects in 12 international markets. Phelan Energy Group has also invested in different communities with the intention of developing the use of the sun – the most valuable energy source.

As an organisation, we understand that the cost of solar power solutions is consistently decreasing – as one of our main visions is to achieve the lowest cost of solar energy in the world. It also claimed that renewable energy presents the best alternative to the high cost of nuclear power as well, as governments attempt the decarbonization challenge. Across the globe, solar energy is also being seen as a long-term investment by households and businesses alike.

For example, in South Africa, the population are becoming more familiar with the global shift towards alternative forms of energy. The Phelan Energy Group have been contributing to this boost of interest significantly, having 175 MW grid-connected in South Africa. The R4.8bn De Aar solar PV complex is impressive, covering about 540ha and harnessing 600,000 PV reflectors. This is the largest solar PV plant in the southern hemisphere and the fifth-largest in the world, earning a prominent place in the renewable energy space of the country.

India is another country with the largest production of energy from renewable sources – having one of the most ambitious renewable capacity expansion programs in the world. Solar power in India is a very fast developing industry, with the country’s solar installed capacity reaching 25.21 GW as of 31 December 2018. The Phelan Energy Group’s latest project in Rajasthan was recently completed in the country – with the solar plant having a capacity of 70 MW which was delivered in 180 days with an investment of US $45m.

The constantly decreasing energy production costs, increasing public environmental responsibility, and changing incentive policies are prompting more consumers to consider renewable energy sources. We have helped to achieve this perception through cost management, innovation and efficiency – without compromising on quality. We have put our main focus on growing the organisation internationally, by targeting markets in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, Australia and Latin America.

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