About Us

Phelan Energy Group Limited was established in 2005 after solar energy solutions grabbed our founder’s, Paschal Phelan, entrepreneurial attention. The Group now have global offices in Dublin, Cape Town, New Delhi, Germany and Afghanistan.

Phelan Energy Group Limited is a leading international energy developer with an exclusive focus on Solar PV. Led by a dynamic trans-national team the group commenced operations in South Africa 15 years ago. It has a total installed, and grid connected, capacity of 500+ MWp, with a large and ever-growing international footprint.

Our vision, as an energy developer, is to achieve the lowest cost of solar energy in the world.

Our key solar installation in South Africa is among the largest solar farms in Africa with an installed capacity of 175MW. Furthermore, Phelan Energy Group Limited is constructing an additional Solar Farm in South Africa, which will have an installed capacity of 90 MW once completed.

Phelan Energy Group Limited has entered the Indian solar market in 2016 with a record low bid which drew comment from Prime Minister Narendra Modi that our winning bid, for the first time, brought solar electricity pricing below that of thermal power (i.e. coal). The 70MWp project has commenced operations in November 2018.

Phelan Energy Group Limited brought power to the people of Afghanistan with a 15MWp Project in Kandahar. The project has a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS). We have since signed two additional PPAs in Afghanistan (Sept 2020) for two new innovative solar projects that’s first of their kind, a 24MWp Floating Project and a 40MWp solar project with Battery Energy Storage, along with a healthy pipeline for prospective opportunities for 2021 and beyond.

Through determined cost management, innovation, and efficiency, we have become the lowest cost producer of solar PV systems. We are proud of the track record of our solar farms, all of which perform ahead of their planned output. We continue to retain a minimum 25%-30% equity in each farm and our group balance sheet with a net asset value of over USD100m, with no debt, speaks to our competence and success.

Lowest Solar Energy Bids in Reverse Auctions in India since 2016
Lowest Solar Bids in Reverse Auctions in India since 2016