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Wind And Solar Power Will Dominate Power Mix By 2050

In two-thirds of countries across the globe, wind and solar power are now the cheapest way to add...

08 Aug 2019

Phelan Energy Developing 15 MW Solar Plant In Afghanistan

In collaboration with Zularistan Ltd, the Phelan Energy Group has inaugurated the first and largest...

The Significance Of Renewable Energy In India

In recent years, across India, the role of solar and other renewable energy sources has...

The Economic Benefits Of Using Solar Energy

Across the globe, there are considerable growing concerns about the harmful effects of greenhouse...

08 Aug 2019

Top Countries Across The Globe Using Solar Energy

Nations and countries across the globe are constantly looking to produce more viable sources of...

Why Is The Renewable Energy Industry Important?

Renewable energy technologies are clean sources of energy that have a much lower environmental...


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