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Phelan Energy delivers efficient, renewable solar energy projects that create true holistic socio-economic human impact, through innovative energy solutions with an international vision and an entrepreneurial ethos.

About Phelan Energy Group

The Phelan Energy Group was established in 2005, after alternative energy grabbed our founder, Paschal Phelan’s entrepreneurial attention. As passionate about renewable energy as about people development, our group is a leading international developer and innovator in the renewable energy sector and the storage thereof, through the production of photovoltaic solar electricity. With a vision of driving international volume and footprint by being the world’s lowest-cost producer without compromising quality, Phelan Energy, with its subsidiary Solar Capital, currently have 25 fully permitted sites with the potential for 2.5 GW. Phelan Energy focuses exclusively on investments in large solar plants, ranging from 10 MW–200 MW, such as the 175 MW facility in De Aar – the largest solar farm in the Southern Hemisphere, Africa and the Middle East. View active projects or pipeline projects via Solar Capital’s website.

Meet Paschal

Paschal Phelan: Founder and Executive Chairman of Phelan Energy Group Originally from Ireland, Mr Phelan started working in the banking sector in Sydney, Australia, before being appointed as the European Foreign Trade Director for the Irish Government Food Export Agency, based in Brussels. In the early 80s, he established his own food manufacturing export company in Ireland, which went on to become one of the most innovative and successful Irish companies of that decade. Following this, Mr Phelan went on to invest in various thriving food-related businesses in the USA, UK and Russia. With his relocation to Cape Town in 2002, he intended to retire. However, when he realised that there was an opportunity within the energy sector to provide solutions to SA’s energy and employment challenges (two of his greatest passions), he formed Phelan Holdings SA. He subsequently created Solar Capital – the largest solar facility in the Southern Hemisphere, Africa and the Middle East.


Our future focus:


The Phelan Energy Group is the international leader in low cost, high quality PV solutions. Phelan Energy Group, with its subsidiary Solar Capital, have built up a local and international proficiency in renewable energy, in order to realise their mission. Through determined cost management, innovation and efficiency, without compromising quality, they have become the lowest cost producer of solar energy that is also cost competitive with fossil fuels.

Global Prominence

Phelan Energy prides itself on its continuing international penetration of the renewable energy world. Currently they have interests in the following areas:

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